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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 8, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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fired. bullets hit two different cars that were in this area. police at this point haven't said what prompted the shooting but again both men who were hit they are expected to survive from their injuries. there are quite a few surveillance cameras close by here. you can see a couple of them looking around here on some of the street signs. and investigators right now we're told they are going over some of the surveillance footage trying to identify the people involved in this shooting last night. again two people hit by gunfire. two men hit by gunfire. one of them in all likelihood was an innocent bystander here. but the good news both of them are expected to recover. >> a lot of questions to answer. thank you alex. time is 4:30. let's get your day started with weather and traffic. steve, it will be a hot one. >> i was just looking at observation at mt. diablo it's
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78 degrees. half-moon bay is 48. so take your pick. if you're at the surface make it's not too bad but aloft it spells a very warm pattern. most locations are showing an easterly or westerly breeze. it will be a hotter tuesday compared to monday. you know the good news it does cool off a little bit but 90s this is hot. a lot of people around the bay do not have air conditioning so i went hot. inland we're used to 90s and 100s around the bay. 50s but i did see a 48 at moss landing. 10:s for many. where is that breeze? it's northeast at fairfield. it's south at concord. it's showing offshore at oakland. north at santa rosa so there is no sea breeze. sunshine warm to hot on these temps. 90s bay side near 100 inland. it will be way above. doesn't matter where you are. everybody will be well above.
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all right sal just deal with it. you're going to have to deal with it. >> that is right. there is no other choice. >> air conditioning. you know. something like that. good morning everyone. let's take a look at what we have. we have decent news on the freeway. northbound 680 at the capitol avenue exit. we have a crash that has been blocking several lanes. that is gone and traffic has been recovering after a very serious accident. the south bay commute does look pretty decent and it has been a nice drive through the south bay so far. let's move along and take a look at some live pictures. this is a look at the commute in the east bay. we will start off with the san mateo bridge and that traffic is moving along nicely. bay bridge toll plaza doesn't look bad on westboundty as you head out to the toll plaza.
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4:32, let's go back to the desk. here's a look at the top stories we are following for you this morning. the serge for a missing man from san francisco is set to continue this morning. 42-year-old wow dear van leer was last seen on his boat. his wife reported him missing around 6:00 a.m.. the search was suspended last night but will continue a few hours from gnaw. three deputies accused of killing an inmate are due in court today. the deputies are facing charges of murder, conspiracy, and assault under the color of authority. and bart trains are running again between the east bay and san francisco. after a three day closure of the transbay tube for repairs and maintenance work. crews worked to finish the largest work in bart history.
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there is an important warning for swimmers and surfers heading to the beach. officials are warning to you watch out for those dangerous rip currents and sneaker waves. rob ross has more on what life guards are doing to keep you safe. >> reporter: while surfers road the waves here at ocean beach, life guards are warning people not to go too deep into the water. this young man did not have a wet suit or fin so the life guard advised him to head to shore. >> we will use the morn in the truck or whistle them in. >> reporter: the reason for the caution, sneaker waves and rip currents. ocean beaches are notorious for them. they can knock a person down and drag them out in a heartbeat. >> it's a nice swimming pool. it's not a lake. it's the pacific ocean. it can do anything. >> reporter: sofa there have
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been no drownings this year. but last year a father and son drowned after a rip current took them out. >> they can really catch people by surprise and sweep them off their feet and sweep them out into deep water where they panic. and another reason why it's so dangerous is our water temperature is a lot colder than southern california. and that creates panic. >> reporter: but many have gotten the message this family with three small children came to ocean beach knowing about the dangers but still know. >> they know they can't go past their knees. >> reporter: even seasoned surf surfers say ocean beach can be forgiving. >> even for me it's dangerous. proceed with extreme caution at your own risk. it's totally posted that people die out here. >> reporter: if you happen to get caught in a rip current, the advice is to swim parallel
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to the shoreline until you feel free of it. life guards are expected to be out here for the rest of the week. rob ross ktvu fox 2 news. san francisco averages about 24 inches of rain a year but forecasters say it could get a lot more than that between next month and march of next year. so the city is preparing for all the water. public works and muni are cleaning storm drains and butters already. the city is identifying places that are likely to flood. if there is a lot of run off, it will also look at how to make sewer systems and those areas more efficient. people living in areas that could flood could apply for city grants that would minimize damage. >> was that rain video we saw? emergency repairs being made to a guardrail on the 880 pass. the highway patrol says a car driving the wrong way hit the guardrail at 5:00 last night.
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the crash sent debris falling and left the guardrail hanging above the freeway. that caused a major backup for southbound traffic on 880. neighbors say the graffiti popped up sometime between saturday night and saturday morning. >> some people could feel like they are getting squeezed out of the neighborhood. >> rather than welcoming this change, some people feel threatened by it and they don't like to see the status quo be upset. >> police say they are looking for surveillance video in the area that might lead them to the person responsible and they are asking anyone with information about the graffiti
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to call them. the department is advertising on billboards in downtown stockton. >> think we need to keep our men and women here. to serve the people here in stockton. >> i hope it can be a more safe community in stockton. >> stockton police department has similar recruiting efforts including this billboard seen recently in oakland. a spokesman says they use billboards to recruit all over the state. it will soon be easier for women to find out if they are being discriminated in the workplace. state lawmakers have approved a package of bills that are being described as the strongest equal pay protection in the country. the bill requires companies to collect and submit information on how their pay stacks up. it shows on average california women earn $0.84 for every dollar that men are paid. this legislation is designed to
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help women close that earnings gap. >> to help close the persistent long standing and very debt mental wage gap that women have faced at work by expanding and strengthening their ability to legally challenge pay in equities. >> the bills don't require employers to say how much they pay their workers but they do make it illegal to retaliate women who ask or discuss what they and their male coworkers earn. supporters of a kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses are trying to get her out of jail. she has been jailed for contempt of court since thursday. yesterday davis' backers protested outside the home of u.s. district judge of the u.s. district judge who issued the order to put her in jail. two same sex couples sued after
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davis said her religious beliefs would not allow her to issue the licenses. right now it's 4:39. she caused a big scene on the bay bridge after jumping off to avoid the police. now she is in custody. coming up in 20 minutes, how the chp was able to track her down weeks later. >> but first a bay area company is creating cutting edge technology for support. >> and the east shore freeway as we take a look at it looks pretty good here. not bad coming in. getting word of minor bart delays that we are going to explain but bart service is running between san francisco and oakland. >> it's going to be hot today. not for everybody but for about 90% of the forecast area there will be temperatures in the 90s and 100s. ♪
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welcome back to mornings on 2. for years as we know the bay area has produced cutting edge technology to make every day life easier. now the tech world has its eye on sports. virtual reality is part of the play book for the stanford football team and ktvu scott reese explains. >> stanford has long been a discovery of innovation. now a former football player and coach is going high-tech taking athletic training into the new era. >> what we are doing is blows people away. we have never seen anything like it. >> reporter: that is because there has never been anything like it.
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at least not for this application. belch ceo of striver lab which uses virtual reality for an instruction tool. >> you put on the head set. you are able to look around as if you are right on the field. we use real video. there is science behind why we use real video is that it works. >> reporter: that was the sales pitch he used on stanford head coach david shaw though really it was not a hard sell. >> once i put the old head set on and looked at it, i said wow. and my mind started racing. i'm like this is a great time to get guys more reps without practice. >> you are pretty much the quarterback. you are standing there in the pocket in the shotgun. you have everyone around you. you can turn your head and every angle you want you can turn around and see a running back. >> as soon as everyone turns around and say holy -- insert
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expletive here, that is when you know you have it. >> the play starts and you can pause the world. he is like that is where i need to throw the ball. >> we have actually taken bimettic data. and you throw head phones on someone and it's even more. >> reporter: he has been developing the technology for a couple years. stanford became the first program to implement it. >> judging by the way we finish the season, we think it helps. >> reporter: in three weeks with the vr system in place the cardinal blew out three opponents. quarterback kevin hogan looked like a different player. >> kevin had his best play of the year. >> i can go in there and see a bunch different concepts against a bunch of different coverages and get a feel for it so when i'm in the game i can
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make the decision faster. >> reporter: we just talk is there anything you see. i'm saying okay this can work. >> reporter: oh it's working all right. the company is exploding. >> we've gone from three people to 15 people pretty much over night. >> reporter: with a client list that now includes seven major college programs and six nfl teams including the 49ers. great for striver labs, less so for stanford football who's brief competitive advantage will take a hit. >> i had a heart to heart with coach interest is strong and there is a lot of demand and we can be leaving a lot of money on the table. >> we tried to slow this product but we can't stop it. at some point it will be everywhere. every nfl team will have it and every major college will have it. >> it's business.
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and the reality is it will happen. and if we don't get them, someone else will. >> reporter: at stanford scott reese ktvu fox 2 news. >> that is amazing technology. two high school football players from san antonio, texas may face criminal charges after appearing to deliberately tackle a referee during a game. video from friday nights game shows one john jay high school player charging the referee from the back knocking him down. right after that another player from the same team dives on to the official on the ground. before the referee was hit, the two players were penalized on two separate plays. both players have been suspended from school and the team. the mystery over the now famous chicken that ran loose in the bay bridge toll plaza has been solved. chip eluded traffic for several hours. now a businessman from oakland
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says that he's the one who lost the chicken. ken houston was trying to donate two chickens to the esperanza school. the second chicken was never found. chip was named after the chp and finally captured him. if all goes well he will be going home to the esperanza elementary school this week. >> a lot of hoopla about the chicken. glacially you are transporting a lot -- >> usually you are transporting a lot of chickens so why was there only one? >> i knew we were going to get to the bottom of that. >> it's amazing how much attention was on that chicken. >> traffic is moving along pretty well around the bay area. as a matter of fact we are looking at a commute here where traffic continues to look very nice or starting in the east bay highway 4. a lot of people are on the freeway.
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and really i mean even though summer is technically not over it feels like it is. everyone is back to school it seems. traffic is going to be busy on 680 but not stop and go just yet. highway 24 looks all right as you drive to walnut creek and oakland which is on the right hand side. if you are driving to the bay bridge toll plaza any time soon most of it looks good. a couple of the cash lanes are getting a little bit of a line for the most part it looks very nice. 4:49 let's go to steve. meteorologically speaking summer is over but it still feels like it. even though we have temperatures that are way above average here a good 20-25 degrees for some. and it's not just inland it's also near the coast, around the bay. there are a few locations with a northwest breeze but there is extremely warm air aloft. by that i mean upper 70s to
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near 80 degrees. 70s and 80s and 90s by the coast. 90s to near 100s inland. san francisco will be one. it should be 70 degrees. i went 92. anywhere from 85 to 95 would not surprise me depending on what part of the city you're in. 50s and 60s. we had a few 40s yesterday. i did see a 48 at moss landing. there are a few locations that are near the coast because they are clear. offshore at fairfield at 5. offshore oakland airport not that strong. 3:the northerly or the -- the northerly or offshore breeze. had pretty good lightning strikes east of san diego yesterday. about 500 of them. but not doing much today and not hitting in our direction. sunshine warm to hot. in fact 90s bay side near 100
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inland. 80s, 90s, to near 100. the days are shorter so when we hit the 100s, they do back off pretty fast here. but still these temperatures will be here for a couple of days. 90s, 100s usually get a big spread. that is is not the case today. everyone is really close here within ten degrees from around the bay to inland areas. i just went hot all the way through thursday and it does look cooler as we head into the weekend. >> nice tweet by the way mr. paulson. [ laughter ] >> i was cracking up. >> you have to go on steve's twitter. >> if you live in san francisco that is how you feel. [ laughter ] >> very funny. >> you're a funny man mr. paulson. >> you have to entertain yourself for five hours. >> you entertain us as well. switching gears here a mile long presession to honor a fallen officer. what investigators are doing now to track down the suspects accused of killing him.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. i want to show you video. a fire ball was spotted during shooting across the sky. this is in thailand.
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look at that. a car driving in northern part of bangkok caught this strange event on dash cam video yesterday. news of the big flash it will up social media. some locals thought the flames came from an airplane crash. experts say it was most likely an asteroid. it's amazing that was caught on camera. an illinois officer who was killed in the line of duty has been laid to rest as the search continues for his killers. >> rest easy my friend, we've got it from here. >> thousands of people including police officers from across the country attended the funeral in fox lake where lieutenant joel gliniewicz worked. he was shot and killed last tuesday while pursuing two suspects. investigators have enlisted the help of homeland security to analyze surveillance video from cameras near the crash scene. italy's touch court has thrown out the high profile 2007 murder conviction of
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amanda knox. the court said the case had stunning flaws. prosecutors showed no proof knox and her italian boyfriend were in the room where her room was fatally stabbed. knox who lives in seattle has issued a statement saying she is deeply grateful that the italian supreme court has forcefully declared her innocence. singer katy perry is sharing her memories from burning man. here she is wearing goggles and a fur jacket. after trying to make a turn she fell off and had to chase it down. she captioned the video obvious first time burner alert. more than 60,000 people attended the festival in the nevada desert. >> was that a big dust storm? >> believe so. coming up in our 5:00 hour bart trains are rolling again
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this morning. up next we'll have an update following the labor day weekend closure. >> two people including an innocent bystander hurt in a shooting. >> good morning. we are looking at a commute that is doing very nicely. so far san mateo bridge is heading out to the high-rise. >> and the weather does not look good if you do not like 90s and 100s. if you do, take your pick they will be just about everywhere. ♪
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good morning. the the search continues for a missing man on angel island where search teams will focus their efforts later today. >> we'll tell you why a section of interstate 680 was shut down more than an hour earlier this morning. good morning. thank you for joining us and welcome back it's tuesday, september 8th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather and traffic. steve paulson hot. >> for most. yes. >> it's hot and we're all
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wearing black. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> it was 70 as i was coming in. >> it's very warm already for some. yes, that is correct. the lows are up compared to 24 hours ago. there is really warm air aloft. you get up around 500 feet it's upper 70s. we do have a little bit of an easterly breeze brees. not for all but for most and that will translate into very warm conditions. especially coast and bay. and in san francisco 92 should be closer to 70. it's the inland temps started monday really. upper 90s for some. today probably all the way into thursday near 100 on the high. i guess the only good news they back off pretty quick because the days are shorter and the nights are longer. but 50s and 60s for most of the temps. 51 half-moon bay but most locations are up. fog is out there but it keeps going out there because of that easterly breeze or northerly breeze. sunshine, warm to hot. 90s bay si


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